Creation Needs Connection!

For the last 20 years, I’ve been songwriting, performing and recording music. The kind of music that tugs at your heart and won’t let go. But it’s not just the music, it’s the community that grows up around a meaningful melody, a vulnerable lyric and passionate sharing that makes it all come to life. 

In short, I am an artist today precisely because the music I have created has drawn many of us together. We’ve laughed, cried and raged together. And we’re still going strong!

From the glories of Grammy nominations, to the roller-coaster ride of coming out LGBTQ on a national stage…I’ve experienced many ups and downs of being a professional musician through the decades. Yet what I’ve come to value most is that I AM A CREATOR.

What I’ve learned is that creating isn’t just about making a single kind of product that people can buy. It’s about connecting.

Thinking deeply, doubting fearlessly and working tirelessly to reflect the voice that we all share deep within our collective souls.

Patreon is the porthole into my world. A world where I’m constantly thinking, engaging and toying with all the facets of life that lead to creating the conversations that connect us. 

To do this, I’ve found that my creative experience has gone beyond being a singer/songwriter. In, fact, these days, I’m speaking, writing, advocating, and, yes…still songwriting! But above all, I’m sharing my world…

I hope you’ll join me!