On The Road…

Live @ Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR, Nov. 29, 2012


We made it! Margaret and I have officially started The Hymns of Christmas Tour. So far we’ve stopped through Denver, Portland and Seattle and are now headed back east for a few days. You may have noticed in our schedule that we are playing at a variety of venues. We’ll find ourselves in clubs, theaters and churches so diverse that we are certain to be kept on our toes. So far I am lovin’ it!

The hard work of the past few months is finally paying off and we are starting to have some real fun! I gotta say, after a couple of years of playing solo, it’s a blast to get the “stage telepathy” going with Maggie B. There’s nothing like pouring it all into a song, looking up and sharing a knowing grin of joy. It’s a kind of joy that let’s you put your whole heart and guts into a song you’ve sung your whole life and still sing it like you just discovered it. Even better is looking up amazed at what’s going on and sharing that moment with the audience. I was beside myself last night – Maggie was floating some outrageous melody through the room and I locked eyes with a gal in the front row…We both just nodded and grinned with an unsaid “wow!”

I am already rueing the fact that we only have 11 more shows left. How can this be?! After we finished last night, I could have done it all again. This tour is one of the most unique and meaningful experiences I’ve had in a very, very long time. We’re making some serious music, pulling a few surprises, and making memories. Come join in the fun! See you there!



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