New Christmas music from Margaret Becker and me

Ho! Ho! Ho! My angels! Merry Christmas!

Margaret Becker and I were sneaky little elves over the summer. In our dreaming of the holidays, we came up with these clever ditties all in the hopes of making you grin!

I don’t know about you, but Santa isn’t nearly as reliable as! Plus, the last few years I think he’s been calling it in and using Amazon Prime to get my packages to me. So, to that tune, we’ve written an updated Christmas carol. “C’mon Amazon” is sure to get your toes tapping and your rosy cheeks a’grinning!

And for those of you who appreciate the challenges of being trapped inside for whole weekends of holiday gatherings, make sure and check out “The Family Christmas Survival Guide.” Set to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” we’ve made a list of our go-to tactics we thought might be useful to others. All in good fun!

See you on the road for the Hymns of Christmas Tour starting tomorrow night in Indianapolis. Peace to you all and have a wonderful holiday season!

Jennifer and Margaret

Announcing the Hymns of Christmas 2018 Tour

Brrrrr! Finally, the first cold snap is here and I know what you’re thinking…CHRISTMAS!!!!! Right? Oh, yeah!

Mix up the eggnog, unpack those ugly sweaters and definitely, definitely put Hymns of Christmas into heavy rotation!

NEW this year, Margaret Becker and I have prepared a special present for you all. We are digitally releasing two new songs, “The Family Christmas Survival Guide” and “C’mon Amazon!” They are sure to be crowd favorites and put a smile on your otherwise frozen faces.

You can also catch us LIVE in a few select cities. Margaret and I will have a few new tricks up our sleeves that you won’t want to miss! It will be loads of fun for the whole family. (I promise I won’t be (too) naughty!) So come out, share in a little Christmas cheer (and don’t forget the presents!)

Of course, we are also performing our annual online Christmas concert. Think of it! You can sit at home in your warm jammies and drink spiked hot cocoas. Or you can invite your friends over and host a party like we do. It’s a great excuse to mull the wine and host a sing-a-long!

I’m soooo excited…Ho! Ho! Ho! See you soon!


Kansas and Back Around Tour starts this weekend

The Kansas and Back Around tour starts this weekend! For a bit of a twist, I’ll be playing 2 sets every night: one of Love Comes Back Around material, and one of Career 1.0 stuff!

We’ve added a new show in Austin on October 25 at the 04 Center! Buy tickets for that one here.

Be sure to join me and David Robert King for a 3-day songwriting workshop October 11-14 in Decatur, GA — only 20 places available. More info on that here.

Don’t worry, West Coast dates will be added for Spring 2019.

To hold you over until I reach your city, you can listen to these new podcast interviews with Heathen, Holy Heretics, and Conscious Construction.

And if you want to get involved to help promote these shows, sign up for KStreet here.

See you out there!


Kansas and Back Around Tour

Greetings music lovers!

This Fall and next Spring I’m back on the road and headed your way! The Kansas and Back Around tour is gonna be a blast. For a bit of a twist, I’ll be playing 2 sets every night!

This format is largely a result of the fun we’ve been having at our #2ndThursday online shows. These shows have been a real pleasure. It’s been a way for me to stay connected while you waited for me to get through grad school. At last, I survived! I’m a full-fledged Master of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt. YEAH! Thank you all so much for your patience and encouragement.

The online shows have proved to be a fun way to revisit (and re-learn) a lot of old music that I haven’t always taken the time to appreciate. You have been a part of that process – of loving and reclaiming some really wonderful music.

I know you all deeply love the 2.0 stuff, but you’ve never given up making many requests for a lot of the 1.0 (or ‘old stuff’), even though I don’t tend to play much of it at live concert venues. So, this time out, I thought it would be fun to play a lot more to let you get all teary-eyed and nostalgic! That’s right, you’ll get a whole hour of Legacy Knapp to go along with all the latest songs!

In the meantime, Margaret Becker and I have been getting up to our Christmas hijinks this summer and cooking up some new music for this winter. Expect to see a 3-song release this fall! A few Becker/Knapp originals to add to the pantheon of holiday cheer! We’re doing a run of live Christmas concerts this winter as well as an online show as well. So, stayed tuned for more details!

We’ve also been busy ‘behind the scenes’ working on KStreet, our street team. We’ve got some brilliant organizers who are not only trying to spread the word on all things ‘Knapp,’ but are also creatively thinking of unique experiences and community we can do together. Check out the link to sign up here. It’s not only a way to get involved, but it’s also being on the cutting edge of news/shows/and more!

I’m starting to explore the idea of doing songwriting workshop experiences. I’ll be doing one with the stormy David Robert King this October in Georgia. It’s amazing and inspiring to be around so many different folks who think and write in their own unique ways. Not to mention, I’m sure that we’ll all have a blast just jamming together!  Space is limited to only 20 people so be quick & sign up here.

Yup! Lots going on…see you ‘out there!’

Lots of love,


Announcing Fall Tour 2018!

School is DONE and I’m ready to hit the road and share some music this Fall. I’m excited to share that I will be performing 2 sets in each show on this tour – Set 1 from the Love Comes Back Around album. Set 2 will be some of our favorites from Career 1.0 – Kansas, Lay It Down, The Way I Am albums. We need ideas for a name for the tour. Please share your thoughts on Facebook here. The prize is a free online Knapp Chat or songwriting session.

Ready…Set…Go…Name My Tour contest starts now!

See the dates here. More still to come!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, Dear Friends!

I’ve got the Christmas tree decorated and my front yard bedecked in ridiculous laser lights…all to express my joy for the Christmas season! That means it’s also time to start playing the “Hymns of Christmas” record non-stop! Margaret Becker and I are dusting off our hymnals, I’m pulling out my trumpet, and we’re going to perform them live this December!

As many of you know, I’m currently attending Vanderbilt Divinity School. On top of recording “Love Comes Back Around,” my commitments made it pretty difficult to plan much a Christmas concert run last year. But alas, I’m attempting to pull it off this year!

We’ve found a few intrepid families that are hosting some Christmas house-shows. These are sure to be VERY fun (and I’m going to definitely be drinking my share of spiked eggnog…) but also very limited. So….

We’re pleased to announce 14th DECEMBER ONLINE HYMNS OF CHRISTMAS SHOW!!!  For those familiar, this is right on schedule with my regularly scheduled #2ndThursdays series. Only this time, Margaret is joining me! (And I’ll be wearing a Santa hat!)

So, make sure to mark your calendar, get a ticket and mull your wine. Invite some friends over and make a party of it! The more the merrier!

Tidings all…

Click this link for tickets to Hymns of Christmas LIVE online concert.

New album Love Comes Back Around is out today!

My album Love Comes Back Around is finally out! I’m excited to share this record with you and can’t wait to hear your favorites. Grab the album from my online store or your favorite digital outlets.

There are just ten shows left in the Love Comes Back Around Tour! Hope you can join me. See the list of dates below or on my website.

Let me know what you think of the album (and my new website, while you’re at it). See you on the road!

Love Comes Back Around tour starts tonight!

My new album Love Comes Back Around comes out June 23! I am so excited to share it with you. The first single “New Day” premiered on Elmore Magazine last week. Pre-order the album on PledgeMusic here or your preferred digital outlets here and you’ll get instant downloads of “New Day” and “Roman Holiday.”

Summer tour starts tonight! We’ve added lots of new dates with many more to come. Hope you can join me. See the list of dates below or on tour page.

Much love,


Album update from Executive Producer Michelle

WOW! For months I have been eagerly anticipating the title. LOVE COMES BACK AROUND is perfect!

As an Executive Producer through the PledgeMusic campaign, and a long time devotee, I am so proud and honored to have my name associated with Jennifer’s new album. As with all of you, this pledge campaign has given me the opportunity to be a part of something so meaningful to so many.
From the first day in the recording studio, watching Jennifer carefully craft each note, creating memories that I will cherish for a lifetime, I wondered which song would reign as my favorite.

P1150619_JK_gtr4 copy

FORGET THE PAST took the early lead. As I have listened to other tracks through various phases of production, RETURN TO ME, PERFECT PARDON, LOVE COMES BACK AROUND … each speaking to me in their own way, more favorites have emerged.
A testament to the depth of Jennifer Knapp’s talent, I’m sure.

Now, as the release date of LOVE COMES BACK AROUND draws closer, my excitement and anticipation builds. Soon, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the latest album from one of the most deeply moving artists of our ti
me. Together, with all of you, we can take pride in knowing we helped make this new journey possible.

Thank you, Jennifer Knapp, for another memorable collection from your heart and soul.


Pre-order Love Comes Back Around here

  1. Straight Road Jennifer Knapp 3:46
  2. New Day Jennifer Knapp 3:49
  3. Love Comes Back Around Jennifer Knapp 3:05
  4. Roman Holiday Jennifer Knapp 3:33