The Dude & The Marmot

So, on my birthday I head to the Great Outdoors.  As is all too common, I had an encounter with a wild animal.
Cute American Mink

Whilst sitting lakeside, sunning myself on some larger rocks, I discovered I was not the only one enjoying the weather.

I heard a faint rustle from underneath a large bolder, looked over and thought I saw the face of a rat. I let out a squeal, not unlike The Dude when the marmot was thrown into his bath water. The “rat” let out a similar squeal, which was obviously not “rat-like”. Needless to say, we were both surprised and unpleased.
I quickly stood up, more than willing to vacate the premises, when the animal bounded out from hiding and atop another bolder behind me. It was definitely bigger than a rat, about 3 lbs, and a bushy long tail and ferret like face. It was blocking me from my escape. I proceeded to make scary human noises so that it would scurry away (hopefully), but it was not altogether pleased by my attempts at intimidation.
Not too long after, I made good my escape, and the “marmot” (I was now calling it) departed as well.
Scary American mink
After returning to civilization, getting to Google, I discovered this interesting fauna was in fact, an American mink. Which, I also, discovered has the capacity to spray a dreadful scent not unlike a skunk. Fortunately, the mink kept his “ink”.
Other wild animals I have been attacked by:
several various parrots, eagles, wild brumbies (horses), grey fantails (birds), kangaroos (yes, they can be quite territorial), the occasional reptile including lizards and turtles, and once, a fairly ferocious goose.
Fortunately, other encounter with more docile creatures, like echidnas and field mice have led to little or no personal injury.
I am starting to conclude that I have a threatening scent. 🙂