Belmont University releases non-discrimination policy

The circumstances surrounding the sudden departure of soccer coach, Lisa Howe from Belmont University left many students and the Nashville community concerned and confused. What, exactly, is Belmont’s policy regarding sexual orientation? Will students and faculty face discrimination if they are open about their sexuality?

It is important to note, that from the beginning, Dr. Fisher has been adamant that sexual orientation is a non-factor in it’s hiring practices, nor is it the mind-set of the university to discriminate. Yesterday, Belmont released it’s updated non-discrimination policy to the public to include specific language of their accountability to Title IX and their commitment to those under their care.

Thank you, Belmont, for your continued efforts in what has been a harrowing time of uncertainty. To borrow thoughts from Andrew Marin, living in the tension is only the beginning of dialogue.

Cheers to long, continued growth…

News: The City Paper (Nashville)