Ho! Ho! Ho! My angels! Merry Christmas!

Margaret Becker and I were sneaky little elves over the summer. In our dreaming of the holidays, we came up with these clever ditties all in the hopes of making you grin!

I don’t know about you, but Santa isn’t nearly as reliable as Amazon.com! Plus, the last few years I think he’s been calling it in and using Amazon Prime to get my packages to me. So, to that tune, we’ve written an updated Christmas carol. “C’mon Amazon” is sure to get your toes tapping and your rosy cheeks a’grinning!

And for those of you who appreciate the challenges of being trapped inside for whole weekends of holiday gatherings, make sure and check out “The Family Christmas Survival Guide.” Set to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” we’ve made a list of our go-to tactics we thought might be useful to others. All in good fun!

See you on the road for the Hymns of Christmas Tour starting tomorrow night in Indianapolis. Peace to you all and have a wonderful holiday season!

Jennifer and Margaret

Brrrrr! Finally, the first cold snap is here and I know what you’re thinking…CHRISTMAS!!!!! Right? Oh, yeah!

Mix up the eggnog, unpack those ugly sweaters and definitely, definitely put Hymns of Christmas into heavy rotation!

NEW this year, Margaret Becker and I have prepared a special present for you all. We are digitally releasing two new songs, “The Family Christmas Survival Guide” and “C’mon Amazon!” They are sure to be crowd favorites and put a smile on your otherwise frozen faces.

You can also catch us LIVE in a few select cities. Margaret and I will have a few new tricks up our sleeves that you won’t want to miss! It will be loads of fun for the whole family. (I promise I won’t be (too) naughty!) So come out, share in a little Christmas cheer (and don’t forget the presents!)

Of course, we are also performing our annual online Christmas concert. Think of it! You can sit at home in your warm jammies and drink spiked hot cocoas. Or you can invite your friends over and host a party like we do. It’s a great excuse to mull the wine and host a sing-a-long!

I’m soooo excited…Ho! Ho! Ho! See you soon!


The Kansas and Back Around tour starts this weekend! For a bit of a twist, I’ll be playing 2 sets every night: one of Love Comes Back Around material, and one of Career 1.0 stuff!

We’ve added a new show in Austin on October 25 at the 04 Center! Buy tickets for that one here.

Be sure to join me and David Robert King for a 3-day songwriting workshop October 11-14 in Decatur, GA — only 20 places available. More info on that here.

Don’t worry, West Coast dates will be added for Spring 2019.

To hold you over until I reach your city, you can listen to these new podcast interviews with Heathen, Holy Heretics, and Conscious Construction.

And if you want to get involved to help promote these shows, sign up for KStreet here.

See you out there!