Gathered amidst joyous celebration, we reflect on a remarkable 25-year journey since the release of “Kansas,” my inaugural national recording. This milestone isn’t just about commercial success but the profound spiritual resonance that has endured through time. As I stand here today, humbled by the impact this album has had on countless lives, I’m transported back to 1998, a time when I embarked on this musical journey without fully comprehending what it meant to be a “Christian” artist. The songs on “Kansas” were born from the earnest faith of a young woman, believing in the possibility of divine love despite life’s uncertainties. While the album garnered sales figures, Dove Awards, and radio hits, its true legacy lies beyond mere numbers—in the solace, hope, and courage it continues to offer listeners. As I’ve navigated my own journey of personal growth and understanding of faith, I’ve come to appreciate the inherent purity and authenticity of the songwriting on “Kansas.” It’s been profoundly moving to witness the ways in which this album has resonated with each of you, shaping your experiences and memories. Your unwavering love and support have reignited my passion for these songs, prompting me to revisit them in the studio. Together, let’s embark on the creation of “Kansas 25,” a project that honors the innocence and hope of the young songwriter within me while also reflecting the depth and complexity of who we’ve all become. This endeavor is not just about revisiting the past but celebrating the enduring bonds of friendship and the transformative power of music in our lives. Thank you for journeying with me, for sharing your stories, and for reminding me that even “old friends” can speak to us in new and profound ways. Let’s embark on this creative endeavor together, weaving the threads of nostalgia, growth, and love into the fabric of “Kansas 25.”

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For two decades, I’ve been on a journey of songwriting, performing, and recording music that digs deep into your soul. But it’s more than just the tunes—it’s the community that forms around them, where vulnerability meets passion and genuine connection thrives.

From Grammy nods to navigating the highs and lows of coming out on a national stage, my life as a musician has been a wild ride. But through it all, I’ve realized something profound: I’m a creator at heart.

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