General Update

Many thanks to all who attended the Belcourt show on Nov 18! No doubt it will be an event that will stay warmly in my memory for a long time to come. I am honestly grateful for the heart with which many of you entered into that small room. Though at times I felt as if I were walking about with my hospital gown open at the back, you were kind to laugh with me!

Special thanks to Amy Courts, Tony Lucido, Jeremy Lutito, Paul Moak and Nathan Dugger for working extra hard on short notice…I am truly humbled to share the stage with their big beautiful hearts!

Anyway, I’m glad you are all showing up in your various forms; avatars, seat warmers and general digital correspondence…my how things have changed!

Some general boring news…
Yes…I realize that you would all prefer facebook…well, let’s just say that the general impostors throughout the years have taken their toll and I am having to jump through some hoops to prove that I am actually the legit form of the singing Kansan. It will take some time.
We’re continuing behind the scenes construction for a more fluid as well. As per usual, those who hang here & on twitter or join the email list at will be the first to know of any updates.