More spring tour dates and new lyric tees!

Grab one of these new lyric tees on tour!

Hey all! Who's got cabin fever?!


So, after what feels like a long winter, I'm itching to get back on the road. Looks like I'm going to be logging plenty of miles on the road and in the air this spring. The dates are really starting to pile up … from some of my favorite cities to even a few new ones (check it out, I'm going to Alaska for my first time in April! Brrrrrr!) As always, the trips are always worth it just to connect with your smiling faces!

So make sure you mark these dates on your calendar! If you don't see a listing near you, make sure you stop by my Facebook page and let your demands be heard! (Truly, it really does help remind the JK Team of where you live and what venues you love!)

So grab your CDs, bring your copy of Facing the Music, and I'll attack them with my Sharpie. (BTW, after popular demand, be on the lookout for my new line of Lyric T-shirts! It's exactly what it sounds like, your favorite lyrics artfully (hopefully fashionably) designed on a great looking shirt!)

I. Can't. Wait!


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