You can start whispering now — I’m slowly inching toward a new record. For those who’ve made it out to live shows, you’ve had a sneak peak of some of the new songs already. I’ve been playing a select few at live gigs in recent months and will continue ‘road testing’ some more this summer. Make sure and check out the schedule (here). We always send out reminders for when I’m playing in your area, so make sure and sign up for the email list on my homepage, if you haven’t already.

In the mean time, check out a few of the projects I’ve worked on over the last year. All of these artists are going it indie these days. So make sure, if you like what you hear, to drop by their neighborhood and lend them your support.

Much love,



Wyatt Espalin: The Pardon

The_Pardon Final
Besides the fact that I just plain ole love this guy, he’s a mighty fine singer/songwriter to boot. Seriously, if you find yourself longing for an artist who pulls your heart strings, this is your man. I’ve yet to get through this album without tears.

Thanks Wyatt for letting me sing on one of my all time favorites:




The Project: Martyrs Prayers

I would describe this modern recorded project as a “work” rather than a pop record. Duane Arnold and Michael Glen Bell have arranged the prayers and writings of well-known faith figures from Ignatius to Romero with a musical style influenced best described as high church meets Neil Young. I’m inclined to call this a “legacy” record, not because of the rich line-up Christian music greats like Stonehill, Keaggy and Pachelli, but because of the mandatory sense of history required in listening to this project for full appreciation. Arnold & Bell use the lens of modern music to explore deep threads of theology, social justice and spiritual meaning in a world where “hope” and “empathy” are often met with cynicism.

I got my chance to join in on a tune called:


Paul Colman: From The Saltland To The River

The_Pardon Final
Paul pieced this little indie ripper together last year. The title says more than I ever could about this record. Like so much of who Paul is to the core, the songs are honest, revealing, and aching for redemption.

Here’s a lovely number I got to sing background on:

‘Love Is Where You Left It’