Ok music lovers, art fans and all-around supporters of creativity, times are changing as I’m certain you’ve noticed. Thanks to the web, you can keep up with your favorite artists, their passions, their inspirations and projects as they happen. You can customize your information flow to the odd concert announcement or you can hang on every word…literally EVERY word!

But there’s another shift in interaction that has become invaluable and that’s the transition from “fan” to “supporter” of the arts. While it’s no secret that physical sales for musicians have dramatically decreased and digital theft has been crippling, the up side is that we’ve started to realize that it is difficult to stop human expression and a bit easier to kill commerce. The reality is that if we want to remain inspired by creative expression, then we must find a way to directly financially support our creators. One of the ways this is happening right now is through organizations like Kickstarter.

The concept is simple enough. You pay for your record before it is made, thereby ensuring that the artist will be able to complete the project. I could bore you to tears on how helpful this is when having to manage your craft as a business, but I won’t unless you beg. What I’m guessing you want is more music, more passion, more links to art that inspire your soul.

I’ve been so inspired by watching others create, that I’m starting to get a little itchy. Who knows, maybe I’ll start “kicking it” soon?


Here are a couple of projects I’ve not only donated my time to, but I’ll also be chipping in a few bucks for the finished work:
MERCYLAND: Hymns for the Rest of Us
Produced by Phil Madeira
Featuring: Emmylou Harris, The Civil Wars, Buddy Miller, Matt Kearney and more..
All I can say is if you haven’t met Phil yet, you should and his writing on this project is a great place to start. I don’t know what more I can say except letting the title speak for itself.

Let Your Light Shine
Produced by Hancock Productions
Wheaton College alumni Markie Hancock and Stephen Henderson have joined forces to tell the story of what life is like for LGBT students as they funnel through evangelical colleges like their alma mater. For many, the strain of silence was broken when those who braved to stand and tell their story became the voice of OneWheaton.