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When Jennifer Knapp announced last year that she was recording a new album and doing a PledgeMusic campaign, I was overjoyed. Having new JK songs is always a gift that keeps on giving. The PledgeMusic campaign offers unique opportunities to get an inside look at the creative process. As a perk, you get to buy exclusive items that serve as mementos and memories forever. In addition, it allows us to support an amazing, gifted and talented indie artist.

This year I pledged, as I did with Set Me Free, to be an executive producer. This gets me several things: a studio visit, my name on the liner notes of the CD, and a chance to hear the songs after the mixing is done and before they are released.

So, to Nashville I went with my bff Lisa to spend a day at the studio.

Jennifer, Yvonne, and Lisa
Jennifer, Yvonne, and Lisa

There that day were Joe Costa, the sound engineer, Viktor Krauss, the producer and bass player, Jano, the drummer, and of course Jennifer Knapp, with her amazing voice and guitar. The studio offered an intimate and personal space where the energy was electrifying and the skill and expertise of everyone involved was evident. All collaborating together, listening intently to every note and every sound being made and offering suggestions and feedback to make what was already good even better. Seeing Jennifer do the vocals and playing the guitar in the booth, working hard to ensure that the sounds being produced stayed true to what she envisioned for each song from its inception. The day was intense and I know tiring for them, but through it all one could sense a feeling of camaraderie and affection between them. They spend very long exhausting hours together but yet never stop until every sound reaches perfection.

Inside the studio
Inside the studio
Look who's on the montior!
Look who’s on the montior!

Then JK sent me the mixed recordings of all the songs that will be on the record. Let me begin by saying this is a masterpiece. Jennifer’s vocals, as always, are spot on, ranging from higher notes to that low deep tone we all so love. Interesting and exciting are the new sounds she brought on board on this project. Acoustic sounds we had not heard before by Jano, brass wind instruments (JK on the trumpet?!!), and upright bass by Viktor created music unique to this JK album. Of course, never to be overlooked, are meaningful lyrics that are one of the greatest gifts JK offers us through her music.

Jennifer has once again created a recording that will leave her hand print in our hearts.

In all, this new album is a must-have for personal listening pleasure and as gifts to others. I know, for a fact that everyone who listens to it will not be disappointed but rather will feel joy and continued admiration for her craft. Pre-order now!


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