Announcing Fall Tour 2018!

School is DONE and I’m ready to hit the road and share some music this Fall. I’m excited to share that I will be performing 2 sets in each show on this tour – Set 1 from the Love Comes Back Around album. Set 2 will be some of our favorites from Career 1.0 – Kansas, Lay It Down, The Way I Am albums. We need ideas for a name for the tour. Please share your thoughts on Facebook here. The prize is a free online Knapp Chat or songwriting session.

Ready…Set…Go…Name My Tour contest starts now!

See the dates here. More still to come!

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  1. Straight Road Jennifer Knapp 3:46
  2. New Day Jennifer Knapp 3:49
  3. Love Comes Back Around Jennifer Knapp 3:05
  4. Roman Holiday Jennifer Knapp 3:33