Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, Dear Friends!

I’ve got the Christmas tree decorated and my front yard bedecked in ridiculous laser lights…all to express my joy for the Christmas season! That means it’s also time to start playing the “Hymns of Christmas” record non-stop! Margaret Becker and I are dusting off our hymnals, I’m pulling out my trumpet, and we’re going to perform them live this December!

As many of you know, I’m currently attending Vanderbilt Divinity School. On top of recording “Love Comes Back Around,” my commitments made it pretty difficult to plan much a Christmas concert run last year. But alas, I’m attempting to pull it off this year!

We’ve found a few intrepid families that are hosting some Christmas house-shows. These are sure to be VERY fun (and I’m going to definitely be drinking my share of spiked eggnog…) but also very limited. So….

We’re pleased to announce 14th DECEMBER ONLINE HYMNS OF CHRISTMAS SHOW!!!  For those familiar, this is right on schedule with my regularly scheduled #2ndThursdays series. Only this time, Margaret is joining me! (And I’ll be wearing a Santa hat!)

So, make sure to mark your calendar, get a ticket and mull your wine. Invite some friends over and make a party of it! The more the merrier!

Tidings all…

Click this link for tickets to Hymns of Christmas LIVE online concert.

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