Last Tour Dates of 2015

I'm about to hit the road for the last shows of 2015! I hope to see all you folks in the Southeast, New Orleans, and Texas this month. See the tour dates on the shows page here. If you'd like to help promote or sell merch at these shows, you can sign up on the [...]

Announcing the Neosho Music Video!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, may I announce the music video release of "Neosho." As distant memories are prone to do, they can grow hazy, yet they can live on with an emotional potency that keeps them from fully fading. Occasionally, we may be blessed with glimpses that refresh them into clarity and allow them [...]

Concert for Love and Acceptance

Tomorrow I'll be doing something I honestly never imagined likely or possible. I'll be performing during CMA week here in Nashville alongside some of the most talented and very "out" artists the South has ever seen at the Concert for Love and Acceptance. Country music veteran Ty Herndon and GLAAD are hosting one of the [...]

The Thrill Is Gone: B.B. King

I never saw B.B. King perform live or ever met him in person, yet I carry with me a lesson that he taught me many years ago. 15 years back, I was both freaked out and flattered, stepping out of my car onto the red carpet and into the press gauntlet for that year's Grammys. [...]

  1. Straight Road Jennifer Knapp 3:46
  2. New Day Jennifer Knapp 3:49
  3. Love Comes Back Around Jennifer Knapp 3:05
  4. Roman Holiday Jennifer Knapp 3:33