Album update from Executive Producer Yvonne

When Jennifer Knapp announced last year that she was recording a new album and doing a PledgeMusic campaign, I was overjoyed. Having new JK songs is always a gift that keeps on giving. The PledgeMusic campaign offers unique opportunities to get an inside look at the creative process. As a perk, you get to buy exclusive items that serve as mementos and memories forever. In addition, it allows us to support an amazing, gifted and talented indie artist.

This year I pledged, as I did with Set Me Free, to be an executive producer. This gets me several things: a studio visit, my name on the liner notes of the CD, and a chance to hear the songs after the mixing is done and before they are released.

So, to Nashville I went with my bff Lisa to spend a day at the studio.

Jennifer, Yvonne, and Lisa
Jennifer, Yvonne, and Lisa

There that day were Joe Costa, the sound engineer, Viktor Krauss, the producer and bass player, Jano, the drummer, and of course Jennifer Knapp, with her amazing voice and guitar. The studio offered an intimate and personal space where the energy was electrifying and the skill and expertise of everyone involved was evident. All collaborating together, listening intently to every note and every sound being made and offering suggestions and feedback to make what was already good even better. Seeing Jennifer do the vocals and playing the guitar in the booth, working hard to ensure that the sounds being produced stayed true to what she envisioned for each song from its inception. The day was intense and I know tiring for them, but through it all one could sense a feeling of camaraderie and affection between them. They spend very long exhausting hours together but yet never stop until every sound reaches perfection.

Inside the studio
Inside the studio
Look who's on the montior!
Look who’s on the montior!

Then JK sent me the mixed recordings of all the songs that will be on the record. Let me begin by saying this is a masterpiece. Jennifer’s vocals, as always, are spot on, ranging from higher notes to that low deep tone we all so love. Interesting and exciting are the new sounds she brought on board on this project. Acoustic sounds we had not heard before by Jano, brass wind instruments (JK on the trumpet?!!), and upright bass by Viktor created music unique to this JK album. Of course, never to be overlooked, are meaningful lyrics that are one of the greatest gifts JK offers us through her music.

Jennifer has once again created a recording that will leave her hand print in our hearts.

In all, this new album is a must-have for personal listening pleasure and as gifts to others. I know, for a fact that everyone who listens to it will not be disappointed but rather will feel joy and continued admiration for her craft. Pre-order now!


Hear the new album!

It’s Birthday Week! Join me to celebrate with some new music. At tomorrow’s 2nd Thursdays online show, I’ll be performing all the songs from the new album. This is the first time I’ll be playing them all in one go! Join me on Concert Window here on April 13 at 9pm EDT.

Thursday’s online show will be good practice for the upcoming summer tour! I’ll have a fun live audience and plenty of birthday cheer to go around. Gather your friends, order a pizza, grab a beer and JOIN US!

(And if you simply can’t wait to hear some new music, you can stream the first three tracks on the album by supporting my PledgeMusic campaign!)

By the way, those summer tour dates are now being released. Check out the schedule so far below. There are lots more cities and dates still to be added! If you don’t see a show in a city near you, keep checking back at

See you soon!

Much love,


Kansas Live Online!


I hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday season. I, myself, was grateful to have a few days to binge watch some Netflix and knit for the Pledge campaign. But the eggnog is all gone, the turkey a (grateful) distant memory… and now on with the show!

First up is the much requested reprisal of the online show for Kansas. Continuing on with the 2nd Thursdays ConcertWindow series. Join me Thursday, January 12 at 9pm EST on Concert Window for a live performance of the record in its entirety! It should be heaps of fun!

The theme for this Spring (yes, I'm already calling it… ) will be the new record. So if you haven't already, make sure and stop by PledgeMusic and pre-order my latest album. There's a ton of cool ways you can be a part of helping this record come to life. There are some fun behind-the-scenes videos and ongoing updates you'll have access to only through the Pledge Campaign. Be the first to get a digital download the moment it's ready!

Also on tap, of course, is getting the tour schedule in order. We're starting to book dates for late spring/summer 2017 all in support of the latest record. As always, I'll let you know as soon as I know, 'cause I miss you too!

Much love,


Holiday sale: special offers on Jennifer Knapp merchandise

In time for your holiday shopping, get 25% off Jennifer Knapp merchandise from the online store! That means deals on music, t-shirts, hats, Knappsacks, and more. We're also offering a special Career 2.0 Music Bundle of all the post-hiatus albums, including a very limited quantity of signed Evolving EPs. Orders placed by December 14 will arrive in time for Christmas within the US.

Also in the store: Knappchats! Book a 30-minute private online or phone chat with Jennifer for you or a friend.

Happy shopping!

Tonight! Watch The Way I Am Live

Dear friends,

Where did the time go? Study, read, study, read, rinse repeat…ah that’s where it went. TONIGHT is the next in our 2nd Thursdays Retro Series: The Way I Am Live. I am really looking forward to this one as I don’t play many songs from this album as a solo acoustic performer. It has been a fun challenge to practice and return them to their original acoustic versions.

Digging into The Way I Am brings up both sorrow and joy for me (not that that is a surprise to any of you! LOL)

At tonight’s show, I’ll talk about what wasn’t on the record, my contemplation of a major life shift, disappointment and what I didn’t know was the start of an utterly different direction…

I’ll be playing the record live online via Concert Window. Hope you can join me tonight in my living room.


P.S. If you want to see me in person, I’ll be playing two shows in Texas next month! Buy tickets here.

Join me in making album #6 via PledgeMusic!

The day has finally arrived!

I'm pleased to announce that the PledgeMusic campaign for record #6 has officially commenced!

Join in:

We had so much fun during Set Me Free, but I can't wait to see what new and exciting things we're going to accomplish this time.

I've spent this last year writing some tunes I'm really excited about. I must have been in a romantic mood, because there's a theme happening here: it's all about the love.

Love is such an amazing subject because it never ceases to amaze; there is so much to it. More than just romance, it requires patience, forgiveness and strength. It's intimate and dangerous, marvelous and tragic, even plentiful and elusive. In a way, it seems I've been led down the path of exploring that old favorite verse you hear so often at weddings "love is patient, love is kind…"

But don't be fooled, there's some vintage JK headed your way with plenty to celebrate and cry about. I truly hope this will be a collection that tugs at your heart!

So come on in and be a part of the making of … what are we gonna call it? Log in and you'll be the first to know!

I cannot say enough about how encouraged I am by your ongoing presence, support and interest in my musical journey. Without a doubt, you have fueled it, in the past and now toward the future. Thank you for being here. Thank you for begging for more Pledge action…I look forward to giving back with #6.

Let's do this!



Announcing a new Concert Window series with online performances of Lay It Down, The Way I Am, and more!

You love it. I love it.
So let's do more!

I'm talking Concert Window online performances.

I'm pleased to announce the 2nd Thursdays Retro Series.

Every second Thursday this fall, I will be going back in time, performing record by record, each album in its entirety. We've already done Kansas to huge acclaim, so we're gonna move on to Lay It Down, The Way I Am, and revisit Letting Go and Set Me Free. And if that's not enough, yes… I'll even do an encore performance of Kansas.

That's weeks of regularly scheduled, timeless music all for your listening pleasure. (Wait…I sound like a TimeLife infomercial from the 80s!)

Who knows, maybe I'll play the odd yet-to-be-recorded new songs slated for record #6. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the upcoming PledgeMusic campaign. The launch is fast approaching!

See you there!

New music video and live show news!

Greetings all!

Now that spring has sprung, how about a beautiful, bright music video to go along with it? Because you're awesome and have been so encouraging, I'm happy to present "Set Me Free," another delightful piece of cinematography from my favorite visual artist, Fairlight Hubbard. Watch it, tweet it, favorite and share it with others!

On the live concert front, I've been doing this little nifty set list I call the TwoOneTwo. It's been loads of fun. The format is simple: I play songs from one record, followed by a single new song, as yet unrecorded. This guarantees you'll hear something from every record, all the way from Kansas to Set Me Free. I came up with it on a whim during our run of shows and it was such a fan favorite that it's stuck! So for the many of you that have the courage to shout out your favorite tunes many of your requests have made it into the current set. But I will warn you, not every night is the same. Sometimes I cheat a little and play a few more than two from a given record!

As for what's ahead, I'm starting to set some dates for more online shows. After the HUGE success of the Kansas online concert I suspect there may be a reprise for those of you so upset about missing out the first time. Follow me on Concert Window so you don't miss out on the next one.

I'm planning on separate, full album performances of all the records. So we've got Lay It Down and The Way I Am to look forward to in the very near future. As always, I'll try and cook up some unique, one-time swag to go with the concert to help cement our memorable moments together.

For those of you Kansas fans out there (my how passionate you are!), I've got some news to share soon about die-hard collector's item you won't want to miss. I'll leave it there for now and let your imaginations run wild…

Make sure and check out the live shows near you and I'll see you there!


Spring tour dates in Florida, the Mid-South, the Northeast, and Online!

Oh, yeah, you know what time it is… SPRING!

OK, maybe I’m a little ahead of Punxsutawney Phil, but forget him… it’s the yellow daffodils that truly catapult my spirit into spring! They’re on their way, I can feel it!

Yellow daffodils are my favorite flower because they remind me that the drudgery of winter hibernation is over. Even with the occasional cold snap that may be still to come, their vibrant color energizes me! If they’re popping up in yards in my neighborhood, it means the wild ones are popping up along the highways of America. I start getting restless. I wanna to get out on the road and start doing some shows.

I very much enjoyed my winter break. I got to do some family catch up, spend some time at home and even got chilled out enough to do some songwriting!

Spring means new things, so keep your eyes peeled and a few dates free in your busy schedules. I’d love to catch up with you!

March starts the touring season, with a few dates in Florida (finally!). I’ll head back up to the Northeast and hit the Mid-South… and that’s just what I know of now.

So, keep your ear to the ground, because there are also going to be online shows as well. In April I’ll be showcasing some new songs in an online mini-concert series from Concert Window called “New Beginnings.” I’ll break out some absolutely new songs and am toying with playing a few cover tunes along side them. I’ll most likely dive into how I approach songwriting and what inspires me along the way… I’m really looking forward to this one!

See ya there!

Hymns of Christmas Online Concert December 17

Warmest Holiday Greetings all!

It’s been a great year. It was a blast getting to see you all out on the road while touring the Set Me Free record and the Facing The Music book. There were a lot of great chats that went along with some memorable concerts, so thank you all so much!

What stood out was how many of your drove some decent distances to see a show. This spring we’ll be working on coming to some closer cities as well as add in the ones where we know you’re already rocking out. So stay tuned!

This year, of course, Margaret Becker and I are camping out by the fireplace and doing our annual online Christmas concert. I’ve already whipped up the eggnog (spiked, of course!), baked our cookies and even I pulled out the ole trumpet. So make sure and join us for a great holiday evening!

The Hymns of Christmas record is available here. So make sure you get yours so you'll be ready to sing along! And, don't forget, we've got custom ornaments as well. They're perfect for stocking stuffers and trimming your rockin' tree!

Here’s wishing you all the most wonderful of Holidays. Merry Christmas, friends … and a very Happy New Year!


  1. Straight Road Jennifer Knapp 3:46
  2. New Day Jennifer Knapp 3:49
  3. Love Comes Back Around Jennifer Knapp 3:05
  4. Roman Holiday Jennifer Knapp 3:33