Announcing the Neosho Music Video!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, may I announce the music video release of "Neosho."

As distant memories are prone to do, they can grow hazy, yet they can live on with an emotional potency that keeps them from fully fading. Occasionally, we may be blessed with glimpses that refresh them into clarity and allow them to remain with us a little longer than we imagined. Many thanks to photographer and director Fairlight Hubbard for such a gift as this. By far, this is one of the most touching visual realizations of a song I've ever had the privilege to collaborate on.

Vulnerable and reminiscent, now you know what I see in my head some days when I'm lost in a song…

I'm sure I'll be driving over a few rivers just like Neosho as I make my way through the Midwest. I do hope you will join me on the journey! Check the dates here. Meet me there so we can swap stories of the roads we've taken in our coming together.

Yours, Jennifer


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  1. Every time I’d listen to this album, I’d think that “Neosho” would make a great music video — and here it is! 🙂 Great job in visually illustrating (and I love the actors too).

  2. Powerful and beautiful video! I would really love to join you on your tour, but unfortunately it’s not possible because I live in the Netherlands.
    Love your book and ‘Letting Go’ & ‘Set Me Free’ albums! I’m listening to your music every day. You’re a great inspiration.

  3. Come to Santa Barbara, CA! I first experienced your concert in Ventura 10+ years ago!

  4. I get the feeling that the Neosho, has cleansing power. This song has me wanting to take a deep breath and dive in. Kinda sounds like life………Great song, Thank you for introducing yourself to me…..Greg

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