New music video and live show news!

Greetings all!

Now that spring has sprung, how about a beautiful, bright music video to go along with it? Because you're awesome and have been so encouraging, I'm happy to present "Set Me Free," another delightful piece of cinematography from my favorite visual artist, Fairlight Hubbard. Watch it, tweet it, favorite and share it with others!

On the live concert front, I've been doing this little nifty set list I call the TwoOneTwo. It's been loads of fun. The format is simple: I play songs from one record, followed by a single new song, as yet unrecorded. This guarantees you'll hear something from every record, all the way from Kansas to Set Me Free. I came up with it on a whim during our run of shows and it was such a fan favorite that it's stuck! So for the many of you that have the courage to shout out your favorite tunes many of your requests have made it into the current set. But I will warn you, not every night is the same. Sometimes I cheat a little and play a few more than two from a given record!

As for what's ahead, I'm starting to set some dates for more online shows. After the HUGE success of the Kansas online concert I suspect there may be a reprise for those of you so upset about missing out the first time. Follow me on Concert Window so you don't miss out on the next one.

I'm planning on separate, full album performances of all the records. So we've got Lay It Down and The Way I Am to look forward to in the very near future. As always, I'll try and cook up some unique, one-time swag to go with the concert to help cement our memorable moments together.

For those of you Kansas fans out there (my how passionate you are!), I've got some news to share soon about die-hard collector's item you won't want to miss. I'll leave it there for now and let your imaginations run wild…

Make sure and check out the live shows near you and I'll see you there!



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  1. Please come to Wisconsin. Please come to Wisconsin. Please come to Wisconsin.
    Yeah, Please come to Wisconsin.

  2. Come to Vancouver, BC Canada please. Talk about collector’s items… I think I have a few extra sealed copies of Wishing Well still. How’s that for going back in time? Of course, as a bass player, I still love Undo Me best. Great to hear some of your new songs. I’ve always been there for you, praying for you and your music. Awesome!

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