Online concert this Thursday! Plus a new live video.

Whew! Back home catching my breath from a fun and hectic April. It was loads of fun catching up with everyone at some of my favorite haunts. We played to a lot of packed rooms and had some really great sing-a-long moments to boot! The biggest surprise was selling out our stop in Easton, MD at The Avalon Theatre. The listening room there was fabulous and so were the folks who filled it. Thanks everyone for coming out!

While I’m always looking to make it to a city near you, make sure and check out my online concerts! It’s a great way to catch up, hear some stories and even host an at home listening party if you’re up for it! It’s a fun way to interact, both we me and with other JK fans. The next Concert Window show will be May 14th at 9pm EDT. I’ll be playing the entire Set Me Free album and chatting about how the background behind the songs right from my own living room. Should be a great casual night!

To tide you over until then, here’s a live video of the title track with a full band at my album release show in Nashville.

I’m actually toying with the idea of doing another online concert just for Kansas. It will take some serious practice, as I haven’t played many of the songs in over a decade. If you’re keen, make sure and stop by the Facebook page and let me know if that’s of any interest to you. If you’ve been to a live show recently, you’d know that it takes me some urging to break out the oldies — so urge away!

Until I see ya, yours,



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  1. Thank you for your online concert Thursday, Jen. What an exhilarating experience to see you perform again! Here’s hoping you will feel led to do another online concert just for Kansas. (It’s the only CD I practically wore out.)

    I respect your faith, your honesty and your courage, Jen.

    Wishing you abundant blessings!

    – a longtime fan

  2. Yes!! An online Kansas concert is a great idea!!! I’m a fan from back in the day!

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