Photos from the studio!

We just started tracking for the new album on Monday!

I am so excited!! The new songs sound incredible. I cannot wait for you to hear them.
Here is a pic of the guys who have been recording in the The Toy Box Studio this week.

From LtoR: Doug Lancio (guitar), Lindsay Jamieson (drums), Justin Cary (bass), Jacob Lawson (producer), Lij Shaw (engineer)

I’ll be Tweeting & Facebooking you throughout this process. This should be fun.

If you’re after a more inside look, make sure and pre-buy through the PledgeMusic Campaign. That’s where I’ll be posting exclusive videos, pics and who knows what else?!

After this I’m headed to Tampa and the Philadelphia area for a couple shows and an Inside Out Faith event that you can find out more about on the shows page.

Stay tuned, jump in…Let’s do this!


Join the PledgeMusic campaign now for an inside look at the album! You’ll get immediate access to several behind-the-scenes updates, including video of two new songs.

New Album

I would like to invite you to come along for the ride of making my new album! I have partnered with PledgeMusic in order to bring this project to life. You can support my new album through my PledgeMusic project, where I’ll be posting exclusive and behind-the-scenes content.

Update + Fall Tour

Greetings, my friends!

I trust you’ve all had a wonderful, energized summer. I know I have! 

You might have noticed that I haven’t been out on the road much this year, but it’s not what you think. I haven’t escaped to any romantic beach. And to allay your fears that I might have again decided to run away Down Under, let me reassure you that it’s winter abroad, so I decided to summer in the good ole USA. No…while you’ve been sipping your sweet, cool cocktails beside the pool, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes.

I’ve been quietly slaving away at some very exciting projects. I’m about ready to bust a gasket over the joy of it all. While it’s not quite time to spill the beans of what we’re planning over here at, we’re getting really close to revealing all the news that’s fit to print! 

The most obvious is that I’ve been obsessing, writing and polishing songs for the new record. I’ve had the chance to play a few special shows throughout the summer that I like to call “Smash-or-Trash.” It’s always my preference to get new songs out into the open, playing them for you lovely folks, and letting them find their footing. Not only do I get to see your faces when you hear them for the first time (which is a true pleasure), the songs also get a chance to grow. You might have seen a few live performances posted on YouTube, but don’t get too comfy…at times, the lyrics have evolved, merged and sometimes even taken radically different shifts of direction. I can honestly say at no time in my life has the music that’s come to me led me down such an adventurous path. They are challenging and inspiring my own journey in ways I never imagined possible and I can’t wait for the day when we get to harness them together and enjoy the ride!

So buckle up, stay tuned, and keep an eye out! I’ll need all the help I can get to make it through this Fall. There’s so much to do! There will be tons of Inside Out Faith events, some more Christmas shows with Margaret Becker and of course…recording a new record! Who knows what else we’ll dream up together?….

I can’t say it enough. I couldn’t dream of doing this without your love and support. It’s been a long journey back, but I’m finding my stride. Thanks for all the hugs and good cheer. Now let’s go have some fun!

Much Love,


Visit the shows page for the full list of fall tour dates.

Listening in…

You can start whispering now — I’m slowly inching toward a new record. For those who’ve made it out to live shows, you’ve had a sneak peak of some of the new songs already. I’ve been playing a select few at live gigs in recent months and will continue ‘road testing’ some more this summer. Make sure and check out the schedule (here). We always send out reminders for when I’m playing in your area, so make sure and sign up for the email list on my homepage, if you haven’t already.

In the mean time, check out a few of the projects I’ve worked on over the last year. All of these artists are going it indie these days. So make sure, if you like what you hear, to drop by their neighborhood and lend them your support.

Much love,



Wyatt Espalin: The Pardon

The_Pardon Final
Besides the fact that I just plain ole love this guy, he’s a mighty fine singer/songwriter to boot. Seriously, if you find yourself longing for an artist who pulls your heart strings, this is your man. I’ve yet to get through this album without tears.

Thanks Wyatt for letting me sing on one of my all time favorites:




The Project: Martyrs Prayers

I would describe this modern recorded project as a “work” rather than a pop record. Duane Arnold and Michael Glen Bell have arranged the prayers and writings of well-known faith figures from Ignatius to Romero with a musical style influenced best described as high church meets Neil Young. I’m inclined to call this a “legacy” record, not because of the rich line-up Christian music greats like Stonehill, Keaggy and Pachelli, but because of the mandatory sense of history required in listening to this project for full appreciation. Arnold & Bell use the lens of modern music to explore deep threads of theology, social justice and spiritual meaning in a world where “hope” and “empathy” are often met with cynicism.

I got my chance to join in on a tune called:


Paul Colman: From The Saltland To The River

The_Pardon Final
Paul pieced this little indie ripper together last year. The title says more than I ever could about this record. Like so much of who Paul is to the core, the songs are honest, revealing, and aching for redemption.

Here’s a lovely number I got to sing background on:

‘Love Is Where You Left It’


On The Road…

Live @ Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR, Nov. 29, 2012


We made it! Margaret and I have officially started The Hymns of Christmas Tour. So far we’ve stopped through Denver, Portland and Seattle and are now headed back east for a few days. You may have noticed in our schedule that we are playing at a variety of venues. We’ll find ourselves in clubs, theaters and churches so diverse that we are certain to be kept on our toes. So far I am lovin’ it!

The hard work of the past few months is finally paying off and we are starting to have some real fun! I gotta say, after a couple of years of playing solo, it’s a blast to get the “stage telepathy” going with Maggie B. There’s nothing like pouring it all into a song, looking up and sharing a knowing grin of joy. It’s a kind of joy that let’s you put your whole heart and guts into a song you’ve sung your whole life and still sing it like you just discovered it. Even better is looking up amazed at what’s going on and sharing that moment with the audience. I was beside myself last night – Maggie was floating some outrageous melody through the room and I locked eyes with a gal in the front row…We both just nodded and grinned with an unsaid “wow!”

I am already rueing the fact that we only have 11 more shows left. How can this be?! After we finished last night, I could have done it all again. This tour is one of the most unique and meaningful experiences I’ve had in a very, very long time. We’re making some serious music, pulling a few surprises, and making memories. Come join in the fun! See you there!



Let The Holidays Begin!

I know, I know! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet & I’m already talking Christmas…this year I started thinking about the holidays in July, so don’t even get me started!

There’s nothing quite like invoking images of burning Yule logs and eggnog while melting in the Tennessee summer heat and swatting fat mosquitos. It’s was difficult to not feel a little silly while wearing shorts and a tank top, listening to Bing Crosby sing “White Christmas”. Couple that with the fact that Christmas music, as a general rule makes me think of muzak, which makes me think of shopping malls, which makes me think of crowds of shopping zombies, which reminds me “what am I gonna do for everyone’s presents this year?!,” which stresses me out, and then someone insists on offering me a free sample of a stale piece of fruitcake, I’m hungry, I eat the sliver, I get thirsty & need a coffee, “how ’bout gingerbread latte?” I walk into Starbucks and wait…more Christmas muzak!…Wait! How come they’re not playing me?!

 I’ve always been a bit nervous about contributing to the pantheon of holiday music. Who wants to risk dethroning one of the Top 50 Worst Christmas records of all time? I mean – I love music. I love Christmas, but pitfall of Christmas music is that everybody knows the songs. As an artist, the immediate temptation is to do something so different and unique that you end up mutilating something that was simple and beautiful.  Thanks to albums like “Yuletide Disco” & “Christmas with Kazoo” (as in, a whole record with kazoo as the primary instrument (of torture!)), I’ve been hesitant to be accused of making yet another clanger.

All that being said, it’s no wonder that it took a good friend and inspiring artist like Margaret Becker to entice me into some holiday cheer. Maybe it was the Pinot, but before I knew it, the simple exercise of two musicians sitting around and plunking out some old Christmas hymns turned into something really special. With teeny budget, a little gear, and a lot of moxie, our little adventure turned into an actual record!

Margaret and I have sought to love these old hymns as if we’d heard them for the first time. Applying strict guidelines of simplicity, we vowed to honor the original tunes yet not stifle our style. Somewhat ironic to our lives as solo artists, each of us found ourselves fighting to see who could be part of the landscape and not the focal point. But perhaps the most surprising to me, was a sense of wonder about the actual story of Christ’s birth. Crazy what all that singing of new life, joy and renewed hope can do for a soul.

I can be downright cynical when it comes to the commercial trappings of the holidays. Sometimes I fight so hard – judging the chintzy little snow globe before giving it a shake and imagining the world inside. I could have had yet another Christmas where I ran through the mall as fast as possible, crossing off items on a list in a materialistic grab for happiness and praise…but then this record happened and I remembered something I often act too cool to remember: Hope. The thrill of it helps this weary girl rejoice!


Merry Early Christmas!

Sparks and Ashes

Thought I would post this interview on the creative process that I did a while back. I really enjoyed the thoughtful questions. Often times interviews seem so one-sided and a little pointless, but Paul Pastor really digs deep to try and discover the important ways the creative process is necessary, challenging and beautiful. Rather than write more about it, I thought I’d link to it. So here it is:

 My interview with Sparks and Ashes



xoxo Jennifer

A Kick in the…?

Ok music lovers, art fans and all-around supporters of creativity, times are changing as I’m certain you’ve noticed. Thanks to the web, you can keep up with your favorite artists, their passions, their inspirations and projects as they happen. You can customize your information flow to the odd concert announcement or you can hang on every word…literally EVERY word!

But there’s another shift in interaction that has become invaluable and that’s the transition from “fan” to “supporter” of the arts. While it’s no secret that physical sales for musicians have dramatically decreased and digital theft has been crippling, the up side is that we’ve started to realize that it is difficult to stop human expression and a bit easier to kill commerce. The reality is that if we want to remain inspired by creative expression, then we must find a way to directly financially support our creators. One of the ways this is happening right now is through organizations like Kickstarter.

The concept is simple enough. You pay for your record before it is made, thereby ensuring that the artist will be able to complete the project. I could bore you to tears on how helpful this is when having to manage your craft as a business, but I won’t unless you beg. What I’m guessing you want is more music, more passion, more links to art that inspire your soul.

I’ve been so inspired by watching others create, that I’m starting to get a little itchy. Who knows, maybe I’ll start “kicking it” soon?


Here are a couple of projects I’ve not only donated my time to, but I’ll also be chipping in a few bucks for the finished work:
MERCYLAND: Hymns for the Rest of Us
Produced by Phil Madeira
Featuring: Emmylou Harris, The Civil Wars, Buddy Miller, Matt Kearney and more..
All I can say is if you haven’t met Phil yet, you should and his writing on this project is a great place to start. I don’t know what more I can say except letting the title speak for itself.

Let Your Light Shine
Produced by Hancock Productions
Wheaton College alumni Markie Hancock and Stephen Henderson have joined forces to tell the story of what life is like for LGBT students as they funnel through evangelical colleges like their alma mater. For many, the strain of silence was broken when those who braved to stand and tell their story became the voice of OneWheaton.

National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. A day that I find myself reflecting on the last year and a half of living as an “out” public figure.

Far away from the public eye, I long contemplated the importance or significance of this fact being available for public knowledge. People accused, asked, wondered and hoped for a long time whether or not I would ever answer the question: Are you gay?

I seriously considered the idea that it really isn’t anyone’s business. I am who I am. I love who I love. What difference does it make whether or not people know? My partner, friends and family, and my faith have been the backbone to affirming in me a sense of pride, responsibility and compassion that I have always sought to reflect. Still, I can say it’s very strange to consider whether or not to issue a press release regarding my sexual orientation. So the pressing question was: What difference does it make?

For me, the difference maker was one of personal integrity. I am gay and that is the truth. I wanted to honor not only myself, but those who know me best. By believing in my own journey enough to claim it, I found that who I am is not written by the pen of others, but how I personally take responsibility for my life. By speaking aloud that I am gay, I soon began to realize the impact of that truth was not only personal, it has been powerful for others as well.

It is always a test of courage and self-worth to share yourself with another person. Perhaps that is why one of the greatest offenses to the human spirit is silencing the voice of another. Today, you may discover a friend, your child, a fellow church member or co-worker identifies as LGBT. Today, you may be asked to “out” yourself when you reveal how you feel about them. What difference does it make to you?

A cheeky video blog where I drop in on Liberty University

  1. Straight Road Jennifer Knapp 3:46
  2. New Day Jennifer Knapp 3:49
  3. Love Comes Back Around Jennifer Knapp 3:05
  4. Roman Holiday Jennifer Knapp 3:33